Mr. Smith

To Start, I cannot say enough about this firm and Mr. Grile. They came to my rescue during an extremely difficult time. Mr. Grile believed in me and fought for me tooth and nail putting himself on the line against a very unethical opponent and a very impartial judge. I came in as a referral from a family friend, who was a Judge, and whom had seen Mr. Grile argue one case in front of him and was so impressed he knew that Chuck would handle my case just as he himself would. This was after another local “Big Name” Savannah attorney took a very large retainer from me and essentially disappeared for 6 months leaving my trust broken and my custody situation substantially worsening. Mr. Grile took charge, and although it took time due to the damage done from his predecessor, turned the situation around so that the facts were laid out and the truth exposed. I consider Jamie and Mr. Grile part of my family now and can absolutely trust them to handle matters as I would myself!