J. Smith

“My introduction to Charles Grile was approximately 16 years ago. I was attempting to help a young teenager who was being abused by her father. She was a friend of my son’s. I went to the phone book and called Mr. Grile for advice. On his advice, I picked this runaway child up from a bad location and took her to his office. He represented this ‘little girl’ in Juvenile Court and obtained a very favorable judgment for her in minimal time. That favorable judgment was that I was given custody of this child while her parents were ordered to anger management and AA. What struck me most was Mr. Grile’s genuine care and concern for this child and his willingness to help her. At some point, his work on her behalf became pro bono because of that care.
More recently, in December of 2012, I found myself, again, in need of legal assistance for someone dear to me. I didn’t think twice. I picked up the phone and called Mr. Grile’s office.  He was not in but I explained my situation and his assistant made me a quick appointment. I was so pleased to find that Mr. Grile had not changed one bit in over 15 years for his care and compassion, for children
This case should be resolved next week. Based on the current status, I’m very optimistic. Regardless, I know that we’ve had legal assistance from someone who truly cared and spared no effort to help us.”
– J. Smith