Criminal Defense

Since 1985, Mr. Grile has defended countless numbers of accused persons in criminal matters ranging from capital murder to shoplifting; he has tried over 100 trials before a jury and successfully defended persons against murder, armed robbery, burglary, drug charges, among many others. He currently practices in Southeast Georgia in all courts of record and continues to represent people from the Municipal Court with misdemeanors from speeding, DUI-. city ordinance violations, to Magistrate matters, State Courts, Superior Courts, and has made appearances before the Supreme Court of Georgia.



Mr. Grile’s initial experience in criminal law came from his background as an Assistant District Attorney in both Waycross and Eastern Judicial (Savannah) Circuits where prior to 1985 he participated in prosecuting between 1981-1984 over 75 jury trials from charges of capital murder to shoplifting, and all offenses in between including but not limited to, rape, armed robbery, burglary, drug charges, forgery, theft by conversion, theft by taking, just to name a few.