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    Welcome to the Law Office of

    Charles C. Grile

    The oldest established law firm in West Chatham County, founded 1985



              I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet and discuss with you possible representation. At this point, I have not been retained by you, but would like to acquaint you with the manner in which your case will be handled.  The purpose of a consultation is to give me an opportunity to acquaint myself with you and you with me. It is not designed to give or provide solutions, only identify the problem and suggest a course of action.

                  At the outset, it is important to me that you understand how I charge for my services.  Money matters are not pleasant to discuss, but good policy dictates forthright discussion of the costs at the beginning and this document is provided, in part to acquaint you with my policy in this regard.   

                Initially, I offer a free 15 minute consultation, unless you have discussed the matter with me previously over the telephone and then made an appointment.  Any problem you might have should be identified and a course of action proposed during this session. After this time, I begin to charge for my services at my normal rate of $350.00 per hour, pro-rated every 10th  of an hour, to be paid prior to your leaving today, (see attached agreement) unless we are talking about a case that calls for a contingency fee, such as a personal injury matter, wherein no charge will be requested for an initial consultation, and the only fee that will ever be required will come out of a settlement or court judgment; or a criminal matter which has a flat fee for services. 

                After 15 minutes, I will have an idea of your case, and a course of action that needs to be followed. I will also advise you if I do not think your matter requires any further attention, and will advise you if you disagree, to seek another opinion.  Reasonable people differ on situations and perspectives. 

             If you choose to retain my services, a written contract for your signature will be provided to you explaining the terms of our agreement. Please keep in mind, that the retainer is not going to be the entire investment required to complete your case, and you will be required, once the funds from the retainer are exhausted to make payments on the balance until the services are completely paid in accord with the terms of the written agreement.

      Upon request, I will answer any questions you have in this regard during the consultation.

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