My Pledge


If you retain my services to assist you, as I have always striven to do in my 40 plus years of practicing law, I pledge to work for you in a professional manner and expeditiously as possible to keep your costs reasonable. I further pledge to utilize my skill and offer informed opinions in my representation of you, but make no guarantees regarding the successful outcome of my representation.

I will keep you informed of the status of your case, and if you desire, forward copies to you of all correspondences and documents I receive. There will be times I will be unable to speak to you on the telephone because of Court appearances, conferences or other matters. Please speak openly to my Administrative Assistant, Linda St. John, and give her any information you wish to relay to me.

If you must speak to me, please indicate this, and I will make every effort to return your call before the close of the business day, if possible. I represent several clients, and there will be times I will give your work priority over them. However, there will be times I will have to give priority to others over you. If for some reason you do not hear from me, please call again.

I would ask you make every effort to keep me informed of any developments or changes in your matter so I can assist in a prompt resolution.


Charles C. Grile
Attorney at Law